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Create professional eBooks using NATATA eBook Compiler and sell your own eBooks over the internet for huge profits. Create a single compact distributable .EXE file compatible with all windows operating systems.

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You can distribute your eBooks in a single self-contained compact executable file that can contain HTML pages, JavaScripts, VBScript, Text Documents, Graphics, Animated GIF files, Photos, Sounds, Music and more. The generated e-book doesn't require any installation on the user's PC or any special viewer.

The best of all is that no one will ever copy or steal your material because your e-Book is protected against copying, in the security features you can disable copy/paste functions, protect your e-Book with a password, disable the context menu or disable printing.

Sample e-Books
(compiled with our software)

Break Out
This is a very amazing JavaScript game.
The Real Princess
This is a fairy tale, it has real audio.

Photo Album
This e-book contains pictures of beautiful birds.

With NATATA eBook Compiler you can easily create:

Digital Catalogues
Corporate Profiles
Photo Albums
Off-line websites
Marketing presentations
Educational Materials
and more...

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Encode e-mail addresses on your website. Don't let spammers get e-mails from your website.

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New version 3.3.6
Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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